Doggie day camp? Yessir

Katniss came home from doggie day camp today more tired than me when I spend hours jumping to conclusions.

It was her first time in the PetSmart program, and the normally socially awkward Katniss eventually played with all of the other dogs and wore herself out.

A tired Katniss equals a quiet Katniss. A tired Katniss also equals a snuggly Katniss. And a tired, snuggly quiet Katniss is basically like a 40-pound, furry cuddle puddle. And my wife couldn’t be happier.

Instead of constantly whining, sprinting from end to end of the hallway in our house or needing a long walk because she has so much energy, the exhausted Katniss is now my wife’s snuggle buddy until about 2020.

And a tired, snuggly quiet Katniss is basically
like a 40-pound, furry cuddle puddle.

Yes, we knew that because Katniss is part German shepherd (we think), she would have a ton of energy being a working breed and all, but sometimes that energy is a lot to handle—especially after a long day of work for mommy and daddy. We love Katniss and all her energy—the whining, not so much—and it would be boring if Katniss was always laying around like that carpet in the living room we have from Target. But the relative quiet in our house—aside from yet another episode of “Gilmore Girls” and the hum of my beloved air conditioner—is absolutely worth paying a few bucks to PetSmart. And this is coming from a guy who likes spending money about as much as good fortune likes the Cleveland Browns.

If you have a dog who needs some socialization or has a ton of energy, consider PetSmart’s doggie day camp program. Your sanity and your pup will thank you.


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