The tick returns?

In a previous post I mentioned that my wife had found a tick on Katniss’ ear. We successfully removed it using tweezers, and we thought all was well. We still have the little bug carcass in an empty pill container just in case it turned out to be carrying a disease.

I’m sometimes afraid I’ll swallow the tick instead of taking a pill even though we marked the container. Yum!

This weekend my astute wife noticed a bump in the area where the tick was found and what seemed to be a scab—or was it another tick?

Katniss wouldn’t hold still long enough to let us look at her ear, so we waited until she got super sleepy—practically snoring—and gave her ear another look. It looked infected, but there was no new tick.

The ear issue, combined with constant scratching—as if she had fleas—led to a trip to the vet today. Fortunately, Katniss was given a clean bill of health. Apparently scabs are common after a tick, and she doesn’t have fleas.

So if you just removed a tick from your pet and now there’s a scab, it’s probably OK. I’m no doctor, however, so it might not hurt to get Spot examined just to be on the safe side.

Statis-tick-ally, I bet your dog is just fine, though.

That was the worst sentence I have ever typed.


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