My little pooper is pooped

We were in San Antonio part of Saturday and part of Sunday, and we decided to leave Katniss at PetSmart’s Doggie Day Camp. She had been there before and seemed to enjoy it.

She had been acting up a little last week—whining even more than usual and waking me up more than usual at night—so being sans Katniss for a day was good for my wife and me. Even though were leaving Austin to spend time with family for a bit, the trip would still allow us some quality alone time, which we don’t normally get as Katniss’ parents—though we love her dearly, of course.

But Katniss wouldn’t go to PetSmart without first gracing the neighborhood with her presence. On her Saturday morning walk she left several “gifts” that I had to pick up from my neighbors’ yards—I nearly ran out of bags. If there’s one thing Katniss excels at, aside from whining and giving kisses, it’s her affinity for “gift”-giving, though I doubt anyone would actually want to open a box with one of her “gifts” inside.

When then took our furry fudge factory to PetSmart for her slumber party. It was tough to leave her, but we really did need some time to ourselves. Besides, she was going to get to play, and she needs more socialization anyway.

So. Tired.

The best part about picking Katniss up from PetSmart—aside from her being so excited to see me that she nearly leaps into my arms as she drags the poor PetSmart employee across the floor—is how sleepy and cuddly she is for the next day or so. She’s so tired that she isn’t even in the “gift”-giving mood!

I hope you had a good weekend.


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