My dog won’t shut up, but it’s a blessing

Loyal readers of my blog—meaning my mom and the other two people per week who stumble upon “A Guero and His Perro” in search results for “most corny blog ever”—know that my dog and the subject of this blog, Katniss, is a whiner.

If she’s hungry, thirsty, wants to play, wants attention, wants to go outside, wants a walk or is bored, she whines.

Katniss whines more often than the Cleveland Browns fail, more often than the sun shines here in Texas and more often than readers roll their eyes while reading my posts.

You just rolled your eyes, didn’t you?

What, me whine?

When not whining, Katniss seems to love barking. Even after a long, long walk and plenty of play, Katniss will bark if a squirrel farts, someone walks by our house too slow or the wind blows.

As I type this, she’s barking.

Dang squirrels.

But as much as her outbursts can annoy me, especially when I am trying to work, think, talk to my wife, eat, go to the bathroom or sleep, they don’t bug me too much because whenever I start to feel upset, I realize that at least I have the resources, however meager, and the ability to have a dog. At least I have a best buddy who gives me 100 times the love I give her, entertains me and gets me outside to walk her.

Katniss is whining in our house—not in someone else’s house who adopted her and is cruel to her—and not in an animal shelter. And here in our home she is more than loved. I dare say she is loved more than many people are loved by their fellow humans, which, now that I’ve typed it, is a little sad.

Maybe she barks at night sometimes, but she is keeping my wife and me safe—I think. Maybe she whines a lot, but she’s just expressing herself—right? As Katniss’ vet, Dr. Kennedy, said, whining is just part of our little girl’s personality.

Katniss is whining in our house—not in someone else’s house who adopted her and is cruel to her—and not in an animal shelter.

Does your dog, cat, ferret, sugar glider, fish, gerbil, pony, liger, tigon, snake, lizard or dust bunny annoy you sometimes? If so, just remember that our non-human pals love us, and they likely don’t realize how crazy they sometimes make us.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to feed Tums to the squirrels outside.


7 thoughts on “My dog won’t shut up, but it’s a blessing

  1. Followed your blog on purpose! (Gasp!) I have a “special” dog who in the hands of the wrong owner, might have been abandoned, returned to the shelter or worse, put down. So I am really happy that we found him instead. I have the means and the patience to deal with his issues, which when compared to his loving and sweet personality, don’t seem all that big of a deal!

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  2. As someone with a very needy and hyper territorial chihuahua, I can relate. He has this special ability here he wants attention right when I start working on something important. And he doesn’t bark at squirrels so much as he tries chasing them up the tree even though they’re bigger than him.

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