My wife: The woman behind the guy behind the blog about the dog

It’s been said that behind every successful man is an encouraging woman—or something to that effect. There’s lots of sayings.

For our purposes, dear reader, I think it could be argued that behind me, this blog and its star—my 42-pound German shepherd mix, Katniss—as well as my current life in general, there is one woman who helps make it all happen: my wife.

My wife contributes yet another great photo, and I love her. (Photo courtesy of wife)

I’ve referred to her countless times in my posts, and today she is celebrating the 10th anniversary of her 21st birthday.

My wife—and Katniss’ mommy—is even more organized than President Obama’s daily schedule likely is, can multitask better than a high-end Swiss Army knife and is the dough in the cookie that is our little family—Katniss and I are simply the chocolate chips. And if it weren’t for my wife’s insistence that we get a dog—Katniss—this blog, which she urged me to start, and its jokes that often elicit an annoyed silence from its readers wouldn’t exist. So now you know who to blame thank, dear reader.

In fact, I wouldn’t even know the significance of the name Katniss if it weren’t for my wife introducing me to the “Hunger Games” movies and the main character of the series, Katniss Everdeen. I still can’t get over how odd it is to hear my dog’s name repeated 100 times per movie*.

She’s also contributed numerous blog photos and this video of us picking up Katniss from the kennel after our recent vacation¹. And I bet you can guess who organized the entire vacation.

I am luckier than Kevin Federline when he married Brittney Spears to have married my wife. She has made me a better person, given me the time to write this blog—as I type this, she is walking Katniss in Austin’s cold and rainy weather—and if it weren’t for her, the joy/work/love that is my pal Katniss wouldn’t be a reality.

So whether you’ve read this blog many times (my apologies if you have) or if this is your first time viewing “A Guero and His Perro,” please know that this blog is a team effort, and I have the best teammate—in life and in terms of this blog—I could ask for in my wife.


*I’m not a huge fan of the movies, but it is cool to see a strong female character kick butt, especially with a bow and arrow—I was quite an archer myself in my youth. But wouldn’t it be easier for Katniss Everdeen to simply use one of the many exotic guns featured in the movies? And there’s no way the last book should have been split into two movies; the second part was so slow that a guy seated behind us was snoring while we watched the last movie.

¹Ugh. I just noticed the part in the video in which my gut pops out.

And speaking of our vacation, have I mentioned that my wife is a magnet for stranger danger? As we were leaving Muir Woods near San Francisco, a woman stopped us and asked for a ride. I immediately got the vibe that the woman was a serial killer who would have left us dead and headless in a ditch somewhere, and so did my wife. Thanks, “Law & Order SVU!” As much as we like helping people, we kept walking thanks to my wife’s quick “No, sorry” response. A few days later, a possibly drunk/high guy in a car tried to talk to my wife at a gas station near our house. He was maybe even creepier than the woman in Muir Woods, and we got the heck out of there. Come to think of it, maybe I’m the stranger magnet? I was there both times, too, and I’m FAR, um, stranger than my wife.


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