Katniss and Andy’s most not-excellent mini adventure

At the exact moment I realized I had forgotten to lock the side gate, I looked out the window and saw Katniss’ black-tipped tail pointed to the December sky on high alert—in the neighbor’s yard.

I had been coughing all day, as I’m sick—during vacation time, no less—and realized that sick or not, I was going to have to go outside and chase Katniss down.

During traffic.

With children coming home from school.

While Katniss refused to listen.

As delivery drivers frequented neighboring homes.


It was my own stupid fault, though, as I was the one who forgot to lock the gate, allowing our 42-pound German shepherd mix plenty of room to roam.

In previous escapes, Katniss has usually come right back home, as she is very clingy and doesn’t even like to be in a different room of the house than either my wife or me, let alone someone else’s yard. This time she thought it was a game, kind of like how she steals our socks and then makes us chase her in order to get them back.

I finally managed to corner her as she sprinted from one yard to the next. I’m not 100 percent sure what she’s mixed with, but she must be part greyhound—Katniss is a fast runner!

I scooped her up into my arms like a baby, and she immediately put on her “I’m sorry” face, as if that would make up for her running away.

It did. She’s adorable.


2 thoughts on “Katniss and Andy’s most not-excellent mini adventure

  1. I’m so glad you caught her and that she’s okay! The few times one of my dogs has escaped, I have felt an awful mix of terror, desperation, panic, and rage (at whoever left the @#*% gate open). On the plus side, all the adrenaline lets me chase them down faster !

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