Who let the dog out? Katniss runs away, sort of

The thoughts come and go, and they’re vividly terrifying—almost paralyzing—yet highly unlikely to occur, just like nearly all of my worries: What if something happens to my dog, Katniss? What if I can’t be there if she needs me? What if she runs away and doesn’t want to come back? Are we keeping her against her will? I think the reason I worry so much about her is because she is totally dependent on my wife and me for survival, and we raised Katniss from when she was a baby—well, she’s still a baby; we raised her from an 8-week-old … Continue reading Who let the dog out? Katniss runs away, sort of

Austin’s homeless, and their dogs, bake in summer heat

If you live here in Austin, or in any city of decent size for that matter, you’ve likely seen them recently. Hot. Thirsty. Sweaty. Exhausted. Hopeless? I have a major soft spot for two groups of people: the homeless and veterans, and unfortunately the two too often describe the same person. Summer has to be a rougher time than usual for our city’s homeless, as there seems to be no escape for them from the oppressive Texas heat. Temperatures often hit or come close to 100 degrees here in Central Texas, and although most of us can duck inside our … Continue reading Austin’s homeless, and their dogs, bake in summer heat

To the kennel and back, part 2

One of the great things about living in Austin is that it’s a state capital and has seen its share of historical events and people. One of those people is former President Lyndon Johnson, who is from this area. There’s even a museum dedicated to Johnson downtown. A former boss got me interested in Johnson and all of the things he achieved for civil rights during his time as president. Supposedly Johnson had a pillow in his ranch house embroidered with “This is my ranch, and I do as I damn please!” You can even buy similar pillows at the … Continue reading To the kennel and back, part 2

Katniss clear of cobra

Today has been a record day for A Guero and His Perro, and I am very thankful for each of you who spent time reading my rambling. After only a week in existence, this blog about the exploits of a spoiled, undersized, whiny German shepherd (we think) mix garnered more than 100 hits today. That may not seem like much to some people, but I think it’s pretty cool. As those of you who read this blog know, Katniss, myself and her mommy live in Austin. There has been a cobra on the loose for the past couple of days, … Continue reading Katniss clear of cobra