The time I met Bill Clinton

Since this is my blog, and since it’s International Left Handers Day (keep reading to discover the significance), I thought I would depart from my usual Katniss-centric ranting. And no, I’m not running out of blog entry ideas. Yet. ___ It was 2008, I believe, and Hillary Clinton was running for president. She was touring the country trying to drum up support for her campaign, and so was another Clinton—Bill. Hillary, if I remember correctly, was still very much alive in terms of having a chance at winning the Democratic nomination for president later in the year, but some guy … Continue reading The time I met Bill Clinton

My dog is left-pawed and other deep thoughts

Leonardo da Vinci. Mark Twain. Julius Caesar. Napoleon (not Dynamite—the Napoleon).  Beethoven. Alexander the Great. Ghandi. Justin Beiber. Bill Gates. Joan of Arc. Marilyn Monroe. Thomas Jefferson. Katniss. Most people get excited when their dog learns to fetch, come when called or not go potty in the house. My proudest day so far in terms of Katniss’ accomplishments—and there are many*—is that she is left-handed, just like me and the illustrious group of people listed above. Being left-handed is an essential part of who I am, weirdly, and I was happier than my readers are when a new blog of … Continue reading My dog is left-pawed and other deep thoughts